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notes for the meeting on the next piece by Sejayno.

The next piece to be played in Balt by Sejayno is titled BLACKWATRBORD/  BLACKWATRBORD is a “virtual factory” that produces “USB”.  USB is what comes after USA, i.e. the feudal/capitalist state that we live in.  Here is the form of Sejayno’s piece, BLAKWATRBORD:

Against an ever/changing tapestry of plumbutter and purple velvet, a lone “chakheist” is heard slinking around on that bluesy instrument.  The music continues, and buzzword moments <mements> are the only lyrics of this piece.  They drift in on drug/addled tongues of the performers. These <mements> are the fire in the “virtual machinery” in the BLAKWATRBORD factory.   They trigger various mechanisms and media manipulations that distill a higher factor of USB articulate the velvet music.  For example:

:the torchbearer is the torturer: a neo/conservative chant that rationalizes waterboarding for democracy.

:obamonomics islamerica: various rushstyle mantras whispered over pills

:smoke on/ smoke off: lifted from Blue Angels website, it is a radiochant for toggling the state of a “virtual smokemachine”

The product of this velvet texture of music and <mements> is a special kinematic montage that is an advertisement/commercial for USB.  This is the “release within the release” and thus this piece is more aptly titled “Sejayno: BLAKWATRBORD feat. USB”.  Carson will badalimentize here.

After the interlude, we return for a recap of the tour of the BLAKWATRBORD factory, and fade out against heckles and more aggressive occupy/politics.




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