Presentation by Peter B part of the human body, “Sejayno”

Ya, I think I’d rather talk about the chub. It’s so much more bang, instantly, for your buck, so to speak. Yes, an arm cortex running at 72 mhz does have enough processing power,

  1. number 1 by utilizing the full arm instruction set in assembly code,
  1. number 2 by using only integer math in asystem i have already emulated with the chub prototype in a cross-platform synthesis platform called JUSTINTS, which is tuned appropriately in just intonation using a numerator-denominator-oscillator, (so there is something to talk about ratios and tunings)… 

Unfortunately Justints’ visual data is too sophisticated to render on Youtube… but i can show you. or you can check out a prototype if you want, we still have 2, can send you one if u r interested? the final chubs will be available in a few months, that’s all i can say, i’m working round the clock on it, am still on circuit board design, but will be designing its form factor in sketchup soon. it’s a very exciting project to break from wood into plastic, although i never will forsake the wood, for it taught me about flexure. cheerio  

We will also have a demonstration of the companion to the chub in this new company Shbobo. The Sh’tar is modeled after the tar of Persia, a stringed instrument made out of mulberry and walnut. The Sh stands for digital noise, or the sound of a digital program operating. The same processing board from the chub is implanted in this instrument, for a new purpose which is: instead of measuring squish, the neck of the instrument “measures” which fret of 32 the player is on. This data is used to route the internal synthesizer in running its computer music in a language called “Sh’tar-LISP”. Just thought you might want to know. It is actually part of the show we are presenting in NYC to have the same guitarist who came with me last time, Carson Garhart, on this new instrument, Sh’tar.


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