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darmok and jalad at tanagra

good hand acting

symbolist prose that the powdered man (data) cannot understand

werther’s original face

picard creates a mythology on this planet, El-Adrel.

Captain Dathon succumbs to the beast, at campfire, he is a very sad potatoe indeed!

The Tamarians look for reconciliation- “Darmok and Jalad on the ocean”.  You see, on the planet, Picard’s embedded universal translator was  creating a sound-field of English around him, so the grammar and the syntax was translated, but he did not understand the Tamarian communication, which is based on mythological archetypes.  This is the leap of learning he made, there on the surface of El-Adrel.  The Tamarian ship yields its massive power to their new friends, The Federation.


Cezanno discussing the set: projections

We played around with the idea of projecting the huge, Microsoft multimedia, speaker cone on the depth curtain, to project the idea of “being in the studio with the composer”.  We ended up not doing it, i think because it was too radical.  I still think we shoulda done it, that’s why i’m posting these pix.

also projected- a whirling turbulence of organic globs to introduce “Tourbillons”, and green eels/tubae for our immanence  song, “green’.

@ Fort A-Piano

Military pianist service

What is Horsekick? What is Razorface?

Horsekick is an offensive move, like all-caps in an email.\
It is channeling of whiskey negativity downwards to the feet,
to make a quick simultaneous jab of both forth.=
it is intended for hurting
the already wounded, the prone, and animals
anything near the ground that you want to stomp.

Razor Facing, from what i can gather, is a slimmening
of the face, of course, like how a shark often
“knifes the water”
triggered, again by spirits, as an alcoholic rage,
a maelstrom the loft, where he’s coming up in your
face and you think he is gonna head-butt, or rather,
“head-cutt” you.