Monthly Archives: August 2010

Triangular Attic Vid-conference

PETERB:  Had yet another dream of my phantasy house-structure.  Previously it had been in Pennsylvania, in my grandmother’s yard.  Now it was in Ohio, on a piece of land with lots of high grass, and an overgrown Catalpa in the corner.  It had a triangular roof, which enclosed a secret attic space, which we popped open to do some Sejayno video.  The triangular space within inspired a pop-song, based on our habit of doing video conferences.  The song could go “triangular vid-conference in a triangular attic” or something on those lines.  Visually, we are set in the attic, it’s dark, perhaps some ambient candle light.  We take turns, two men really there, and one man on a nice old ohio TV forming the third leg of the vid-conference.  Thus visually there is the triangular arrangement of the band, with one member “archangeling” or etherealizing.  Could have sonic connotations- three part harmony with two men crooning and one man on the trucker mike, rotate as a rondo.

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