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Happy Seventh Birthday

Soaked Love, Baroque Alabama

(sluts) 31

Happy Birthday Barack Obama


Peter B posts response to Plymouth Rock

first of all, let’s sample plymouth rock: PLYMOUTH ROCK

now the lyrics include some lines- ash mustache, flicker-shadow,

which I rewrote into a new piece, originally by SmashMouth, i.e. SmashMushtashe.

Dane Adams was written while waiting for a dropoff.


it features the neologism “flicker-dick” proudly in this parody of a whiskey-drinking song.

sliver moon was also sampled from the original.  here it is:

DANE ADAMS by PB on GarageBand

Mansion Man

He’s manicured, but then he’s like fuukit, i am digging in the sand.

His nails are acid washed, he is goth.

Don Sallo implies Tallow, like a tallow candle

or Sallow, like a sick man with the yellow fever,

or sordid and sullied like a burn’d man’s bandages.


Chicago cop who served in Afghanistan and Iraq has warning: Gang members are coming home with military training!

“I saw Maniac Latin Disciples graffiti out of Chicago,” Stoleson said, adding that there was a lot of graffiti for Texas and California gangs, as well as Mexican drug cartels. A Chicago Police officer — who retired from the regular Army and was recently on a tour of Afghanistan in the Army Reserve — said Bagram Air Base was covered with Chicago gang graffiti, everything from the Gangster Disciples’ pitchfork to the Latin Kings’ crown.

Now back in Chicago, the officer said he has arrested high-level gang members who have served in the military and kept the “Infantryman’s bible” — called the FM 7-8 — in their homes. The book describes how to run for cover, fire a weapon tactically and do the “three- to five-second rushes” seen in war movies.

“Gang members are coming home now with one or two tours,” he said. “Some were on the field of battle.” A second Chicago Police officer, who searches homes for drugs and guns, said gang members targeted by his team are sometimes current or former members of the armed forces. That becomes part of the team’s pre-raid briefings because the suspect is an increased safety risk with military training, the officer said.

“I wore white supremacist T-shirts, and I hung a swastika flag out of my barracks,” said Leyden, who was kicked out of the Marines for drinking and fighting. “I hated America. The only reason I was a Marine was because they were the baddest of the bad.” “The military needs to wake up,” he said.

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squirtgun – heterophony for swagger (slider)

  • squirtgun (tofu alpha)
  • bikin to the gym, with a peanut, the assassin
  • i find em lifting wheights, i seem like i pass em,
  • till he hooks a little lead on the weight machine
  • i pop in the headband and he screams a little scream
  • a decoy on the lawn, that’s the legal zone, so i
  • make it all wet, and i hear a sort of grown, from the
  • house in the back, in the kitchen cooking food, the
  • owner of the decoy comes to me and calls me crude.
  • starts a shootout in the street, with the cars passing by
  • when a man steps out to help me shut it off, so i
  • squirt a little squirt on his fat bald head,,
  • like a carrot near the basket near the supermaket bread
  • and i went down for a new plastic piece, i asked
  • for a color for the night, for green, the
  • guy in the counter says he’s only got blue,
  • so i get the piece and the super soaker, too
  • i went to dance with some gum in my pocket,
  • riding my bike like a nature-town rocket, when we
  • go to the center, with a jumpsuit on my back,
  • i find the girl like poppy on a sack, i said
  • what do you want to do about the talk in the town, about a
  • man making a ruckus in the night like a clown, a
  • boil on his back because security will whip it,
  • when you talk real loud or you happen to be cryptic.
  • well then, i chopped some wood, and they did come around,
  • walking with their candy and their light pointed down
  • at my sorry fire, while i brandish the axe,
  • while i skewer a hot dog near some animal tracks,
  • they said why don’t you eat a hot dog made of tofu,
  • we know that you like meat, but soy is a soul food,
  • i said why do we put the beer in the bagels,
  • i need a little steak that says lean on the label.

Knight’s Inn Paranormal Activities

We know it’s hard to hear about, but hard to avoid.

There is a bloody heritage of secret snuffings,

Backroads lynchings.

Police CB, static, excited voices,

The Sears man, on these airwaves,

talks about pig-tying,

Motel room abuses, iceberg salad.

This is the crocodile pool that we deep-dive into;

Like the ancient egyptians,

we have our own murdered slaves.

Our secret code of transcendence:

“Crocodile Penis”