An Open Letter to Mark Steiner

Dear Mark Steiner,
Greetings from the band Sejayno! I must say (Peter B) that I am inspired by your show quite often, I love how you engage your guests, and your vocalisations are quite radiophonic. Ever since Carson G and I got in to The Theosophical Society, we’ve been voraciously reading Rudolph Steiner, to the logical conclusion of me asking you (at the “Music and the Brain” symposium) what is the relationship between you, Mark, and Rudolph? Well, musically we have been mulching this concept out in our new opera, Cezanno, which will premier at the BMA, May 21st, nighttime. We go back in time to the 1889 Paris World’s fair, and observe the French composers consumed with a new (mis)interpretation of the Orient. You see, they could not perfectly play the “exotic” scales of the East Indies, notably Java, on their pinanos, but they came closest with the French Whole Tone, or Neopolitan. How far away close can sound! The “neopolis”, or new, progressive city, may be what your jingle writer, CleanCutz, was portraying in your theme, which uses the same very scale that Debussy and Massinet used. You see, we have respectfully chosen your theme to compose our opera, culminating in a (mis)interpretation of Rudolph Steiner, who believed that a wormhole would open at the Paris World’s Fair, 1889. The following two Radio Spots are for you, my friend, and don’t hesitate to get involved in this show!

Peace, Sejayno


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