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Something Wonerful

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Musical Ambassadors to Iran, part 2 of 17

The silent twelve, who knelt and bent,

Drank transubstantiated wine-blood.

The nameless geometers, in sobriety,

Walk in the hills to take herbs there.

This post is about the pharmacological differences between religious cultures. The poem highlights two prominent sects, Christian and Muslim. The central intoxicant of all who follow Jesus is wine, symbolized by Jesus’ blood which spilled on our soil to spiritualize (spiritize) our minds and chill our souls (chardonnay). The central drug of Islam, which enforces soberness by banning all alcohol, has got to be herbs, particularly one scythian herb which is the state flower of California and will be its economic boom as well as space-time linkage to the ancient lands around the Mesopotamian crescent. Practicers of this herb can hone their Zen (sufi) to a point where they become nameless geometers and measurers of the sky, part of a tradition of sober, concentrated discipline in observing fractal patterns. “Silicon Valley” will become “Syrian Valley” in its tattoine multi-dimensionality.

Now, there is a third religion, that of science. What is the pharmacopeia of 20th century science? What are we gonna do pharmacologically as we construct the religion of 21st century Blogos Fear?


1) Good Job on the Hand Gestures Seve!  No Pun intended.

2) On a serious note. Here’s an idea: Homosexuals should consider being Shakers, as a way to be spiritual as well as sexual. Think about it- in a Shaker society, heterosexuality is prohibited; men and women live separate in group dorms.

3) On a funny note, I have created a Sejayno Parody playlist on YouTube.

It was all spawned by the first track, submitted by longtime Nautical Almanac fan, Twig Harper.

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Below are 21 of the most essential hang communications utilized by Steve Jobs of the Apple Corporation.  Like his “contact brother” B.H. Obama, Jobs uses a subliminal hand language to communicate thought forms to terrestrial and extra-terrestrial audiences alike.  This is part I of the Hand Communications Index Series. enjoi!


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